31st ACSIC Conference

CGTMSE hosted the 31st ACSIC Conference which was held during November 24 – 25, 2018 at Udaipur. Over 100 officials of 13 guarantee organisations from 9 countries participated in the Conference. The theme for the 31st ACSIC Conference, was ‘Credit Guarantee: A Vehicle for Inclusive Growth’ and participants, based on the theme, exchanged their views by giving presentations. The Conference was able to bring greater degree of cooperation among existing guarantee organisations in Asian Region and many of the guarantee organisations have benefited by the experience gathered.

Participating Organisations:
Sr. No. Country Organisation
1 India Credit Guarantee Fund Trust for Micro and Small Enterprises (CGTMSE)
2 Indonesia PT ASKRINDO (Persero)
3 Association of Indonesia Credit Guarantee Corporation (ASIPPINDO)
4 Japan Japan Finance Corporation (JFC)
5 Japan Federation of Credit Guarantee Corporations (JFG)
6 Korea Korea Credit Guarantee Fund (KODIT)
7 Korea Federation of Credit Guarantee Corporations (KOREG)
8 Korea Technology Finance Corporation (KOTEC)
9 Malaysia Credit Guarantee Corporation (CGC)
10 Mongolia Credit Guarantee Fund of Mongolia (CGFM)
11 Nepal Deposit & Credit Guarantee Fund (DCGF)
12 Sri Lanka Central Bank of Sri Lanka
13 Thailand Thai Credit Guarantee Corporation (TCG)

31 st ACSIC Conference - Participants

Shri Mohammad Mustafa, Chairman - CGTMSE

31 st ACSIC Conference – Indonesian Delegates

31 st ACSIC Conference – Japanese Delegates

31 st ACSIC Conference - Meeting of Chief Delegates